Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin cancer, when diagnosed early, can be effectively treated.  Treatment options are varied.


Medicines applied to the skin can effectively treat certain types of superficial non melanoma skin cancers.

Electrodessication and Curretage (ED&C) is used for for superficial non-melanoma skin cancers.  This in-office procedure requires no stitches.

Surgical excision of skin cancer removes the skin affected by skin cancer.  This surgical procedure only requires local anesthetic and can be performed in the office.  As stitches will be placed, certain activity restrictions will apply until stitches are removed.

Mohs surgery may be recommended for certain difficult to treat skin cancers, usually on the head and neck.  The mohs technique is a tissue sparing procedure in which the smallest amount of skin involving skin cancer and minimal surrounding normal skin is removed and examined under the microscope while the patient waits in the office.

At Lake Shore Dermatology, treatment plans for skin cancer are decided upon with a collaborative approach, with patient input and careful consideration for best outcomes.  Dr. Gandhi also regards ongoing prevention strategies and follow up screening as vital parts of the treatment plan.   Contact Lake Shore Dermatology for your skin cancer evaluation.  

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