Welcome to Lake Shore Dermatology

Lake Shore Dermatology is committed to providing excellent, individualized care to patients based on the values of earned trust and respect, compassionate and open communication, and informed, shared decision making between patient and physician.  We strive to provide comprehensive and up-to-date care, balancing current research and state of the art technologies with a holistic approach, recognizing the role of complimentary approaches to skin care. At Lake Shore Dermatology, the professionalism and thoughtfulness of yesteryear medical care meet cutting edge advancements in a personalized, thoughtful approach to skin care.  

Welcome to Lake Shore Dermatology!

"Another wonderful experience at Dr. Gandhi's office. Her staff is fantastic, friendly, engaging, helpful. I would recommend Dr. Gandhi to anyone needing dermatological care. She is kind, caring, and attentive to your medical concern. Beautiful Doctor. Beautiful Staff." -N.G.